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Recent genuine testimonials from my visitors


March 2017 -

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June 2011 -

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January 2011 -

Hi Morgan,
I just had to let you know what an impact last Wednesday has had on me; I feel purged of something, as if a heaviness has left me...

Hell, I new I was going to live out some of my long held fantasies; I believed that I would be disgusted at myself afterwards, for allowing myself to be so debased. I also knew that I didn't really know what I was letting myself in for, and that the reality may not have lived up to my expectations!

How wrong I was on that score. As soon as I walked in and saw you, I knew that this was going to be fantastic; I'd seen your pics on your web site, but as good as they are, they really do not do you justice; you are truly stunning in the flesh, and once I knew this, I knew I'd let you command me fully.

And once you had changed into your working clothes, well, OMG...

You deserve these compliments, as you are a very special person. You did things to me physically, mentally and spiritually that took me to places I've not been to before, and for the way you enjoyed doing it, for your enthusiasm and honesty, you are to be treasured.

You described yourself during the session as a mental bitch, but I don't think so; I think that's just the sort of label that narrow minded peeps put on those they cannot understand. Talented bitch maybe...!!!

You also told me that I'd remember things from the session as my mind wouldn't take it all in at the time; how right you were!

So many flashbacks, even a week after. I've got to say that I was expecting to find the water sports less thrilling than I did find it to be; I've learnt a lesson in defeating inner cowardice through this I think!!! And I never thought that the experience of pain in such sensitive areas would be so enlightening, so liberating and so perversely enjoyable...the look in your shining dark eyes when you spat in my face time and time again with me strapped helpless to your cross, and whilst you applied electro to my balls when I was tied down to the bed will stay with me for a very, very long time.

Your final act of subjugating me in your smother box was truly sublime. I was truly scared of what you were going to do with me, your threats of what you wanted to happen, but couldn't, really got to me; and when you forced me to tongue your delicious ass, whilst totally wet and slippy from a continual trickle of your golden liquid, and you were pushing to open your ass more, I felt very scared that you were going to manage to evacuate something...properly scared...

I thought I'd find the taste and smell of your urine thoroughly disgusting, and to start with I was a prisoner of my own preconceptions; it smelt and tasted so different to what I was expecting. The taste and smell stayed with me for a day or so on and off afterwards, and I now find myself almost craving this treatment sooner rather than later!!!

As for the residual pains I was left with... my nipples still hurt for a couple of days after, but I don't think I'll ever forget the massive aching, pain and sensitivity in my balls and groin that evening; a joyous pain, which I allowed myself to savour.

I'm keen to come visiting again, so I'll call you sometime; I'm looking forward to it very much indeed.

In my dreams, you'd keep me captive for an undetermined time, not knowing when you'd be dishing out more punishments would be such a thrill, having no predetermined finish time, omg...
See you again very soon, P------

October 2010 -

Dear mistress
You should be called kali the ancient goddess who destroys man's ignorance.
Thank you for one of the greatest experiences of my life.
I could smell you on me on the way home.
Hopefully I will see you soon again.
Your slave, M------

August 2010 -

Hi Morgan
Thank you so much for the wonderful session last week. It was really lovely to meet you and to be under your spell - I still cannot believe how strong you are and I found our meeting totally thrilling and terrifying... and hugely enjoyable!

I very much hope to sort out the logistics for another visit before long. Meanwhile, are you aware of the wb270 website? It is an international contact list for female wrestlers - which many hobbyists use... The fact that you are genuinely very strong, a terrifying domme and offer some escort services as well will make you stand out among the UK entries!
Best wishes, Paul xxx

July 2010 -

Mistress, I desperately need to be
put in my place, upon my knees
To kiss the ground on which You stand
ready to obey Your every command

I've been used to doing these tedious chores
for a Mistress many slaves adore
To be used and abused is what I crave
and of course, being taught how to behave

Kick me, beat me black and blue
even use me as Your loo
My loyalty, and how I long to suffer
I'll never leave to see another

I'm sure You'd enjoy giving me such pain
Knowing that You've no need to restrain
Yourself. The Mistress of this pathetic male
for daring to think that he may fail.

With weights and pegs on cock and balls
each joyous pain, I will recall
Why I'm a slave who's born to suffer
since meeting You, there can be no other

I enjoy giving You gifts and toys
that You may use on naughty boys
I hope that You enjoy Your fun
by punishing me for the sins I've done

When this visit is finally through
I hope that I have proved to You
the need I have for even more
next time I visit, at Your door
~~~ from slave colin


Feb 2010 -

On the phone, Miss Morgan was warm and friendly, briefly found out what i was looking for (Domination, Humiliation and Degradation) and ensured i knew where to go and to call Her from Matalan Carpark at the arranged time. Miss Morgan also instructed me to write a note, detailing some of the activities that i would like to explore.

When i arrived, a few mins late due to traffic, I called as arranged and was directed to Her flat, buzzed in on the door entry system and welcomed warmly and shown in to the bedroom and offered a seat while Miss Morgan read my note to Her.

i sat nervously, timidly and submissively as Miss Morgan was reading my note, laughing as She did, and i really knew the session had began. Miss Morgan then ordered me to stand and strip so She could inspect me in my panties (i'd mentioned i was wearing in the note) Again, laughing at me to enhance the total humiliation that i desired, She spat in my face with quite some venom and contempt, then made me turn to face the wall so not to disgust Her while She re-read my note several times to fully understand me. (i must say though, She'd already taken my measure quite completely and quickly)

After having me lay on the bed for a short while where She knelt over me, spitting in my face several times so i could thank Her and teasing my little cock, making it stick up har in my panties - She informed me that Her toilet was quite dirty and badly in need of cleaning (Again, something i'd mentioned in my note)

She then ordered me to crawl to the bathroom and kneel infront of the toilet where She cuffed my hands behind my back so "i wouldn't be able to use them to clean the toilet with" as She put it *squirms*  and put me to work licking it clean as i so desperately wanted to, She informed me to continue and that i had 10 mins to complete my degrading task, and left me with my head down Her toilet licking the rim and toilet seat obediently however kept returning every minute or two offering "encouragement" and pointing out bits that i'd missed - i was so excited by this time, pre-cum was leaking on to my panties and when i had completed my work to Her satisfaction She again ordered me to stand for inspection and laughed at the wet patch, so big She asked laughingly if i'd pissed myself

She then had me crawl behind Her back to the bedroom and lay out on a sheet that She'd prepared, stood over me and spat again in my face telling me She was about to piss all over me. Oh what a sight it was, Her lovely legs towering over me, Her beautiful bottom above me, i so badly wanted to worship it! She then, without further warning began to pee, covering me from head to toe in Her divine golden shower.

When She was done, She wiped Herself and dropped the tissue in my face and ordered me to lick up Her pee from the floor, laughing at me as i wallowed around in the pool of Her piss, licking it up eagerly.
Miss Morgan next ordered me to stand, looking at myself in the mirror telling me to describe what a filthy, disgusting pig i am then ordered me to pee my panties, while She lay back relaxing. Her long legs stretched out seductively, occasionally touching Herself sexily as She watched me, laughing, pointing out the pee dribbling down my legs. Once i had totally wet my panties, She had me take them off, giggling at me little dick, and instructed me to put them on my head, sucking them clean for Her, again making me look in the mirror at what a pathetic slut i was before again having me lay down in my own piss and lick it up for Her.

Finally Miss Morgan had me kneel on all fours and finger my ass, spreading my butt cheeks so She could see - my head was completely spinning with excitement as She laughed at me and ordered me to suck my finger clean before having me stand in a semi-squat pose before Her as She again lay back on the bed. i was instructed to wank my pathetic little cock while she watched and laughed, threatening me that if i didn't catch it all and lick it up, She would throw me out in to the street, naked as i was. my legs were shaking, almost buckling under me as i begged Her for permission to spurt.

i was so exhausted and ecstatic having had such a wonderful experience, i really didn't want to take the shower that i was offered, instead wanting to stay covered in Miss Morgan's pee forever!

As i showered and dressed, Miss Morgan asked interestedly if i had enjoyed it (oh boy, as if that weren’t obvious enough!!!!) and also about my previous experiences, likes and tastes, no doubt making a mental note to enable Her to make next time even better (if that were possible)

i left on warm, friendly terms, very much wanting to come back and Miss Morgan also showing a similar interest to see me again - i'm sure i will!

slave pigslut


Sept 2009 -

Hi Morgan
Just to say thanks for the initiation last week. Not only was it a great experience but it was a privilege to spend the time in the company of a warm, friendly and intelligent lady (to say nothing of the opportunity to admire your splendid body!!)
Look forward to the next time, Peter xx

Hi Morgan,
Sorry to e mail you so late. Wanted to get in touch earlier but after I left, work phoned to see if I could do overtime and it was very busy! Anyway, I had to go home and try to (unsuccessfully) get some sleep. I'm digressing! What can I say, Morgan dear? Wow, that was the most awesome experience of my life! I need to see you again as soon as I can save enough pennies. It was an experience like no other. You didn't just go through the motions, but kept me involved with your charm all the way through. I feel it was a heartfelt experience and love the way you connect, lover. Think I'm gonna have to educate you re your crap taste in boring German cars, however, lol! Also, I have the confidence to put up more of a fight the next time you try to get me tied up with those scarves! Did you say they make good gags?! Oh yeah, it felt great and very scary to be raped by you. I got off on seeing you get off and taking control. Love you! Regards, Simon xxxxxx

hi mistress Morgan
thanks very much for the session on  Saturday it was fantastic and I very much look foreward to visiting you again soon


August 2009 -

Dear Morgan,
Thank you for such a fantastic session today - it was mind-blowing and I think I will need a few days to recover, both physically (I ache so much from the trampling), and mentally from the toilet box huliliation!
You are my Goddess! slave John

Hi Morgan
Another absolute ace session!  Thanks.. I was so shocked how you finished with me today!
I was thinking I've sessioned with Mistress Roug'e, Paula, Mercury, Whiplash, Devine, Cloe..  Some have over £30,000 of kit and yet none of them match the experience you provide using just a piece of rope and cuffs!
I can hardly wait my next visit.. 
Take care,
Mark (again!)

July 2009 -

Thanks again Morgan for my quality time with you today.  You were absolutely ace and I'm really looking forward to my next visit.  
I will contact you in 3-4 weeks time for my next session. 
Take care, Mark

June 2009 -

Thanks Morgan,
You were brilliant today.. Best session I've ever endured!
I'm so glad I found you and I'm so looking forward to my next visit.
Cheers, Andy

Hi Morgan
Thanks for my great session yesterday. I've visited many a dominatrix and you are amongst the best. I was extremely frightened (which I really like to endure) and rather too scared to fight back at times. You have a fraction of the kit some possess, but your intellect and wit is something else.
I'm already saving for a return visit very soon!

April 2009 -

Dear Lady Morgan,
Forgive me for taking a week to sincerely THANK YOU for the pleasure I experienced, when you gave me the privilege of seeing you in person. This was something I had looked forward to for months. I was not disappointed, as the session was memorable and one of, if not the BEST, I have ever had!! Your personality and enthusiasm contributed to my feeling very relaxed,despite the heavy spanking and super facesitting. Probably Fun is the wrong word to use,but, on reflection it was.
I sensed, [hopefully I was right] that you enjoyed the session. Again thank you for the experience!!
May I wish you the very best of health and happiness.
Obediently Yours,

July 2008 -


I've just about recovered from the most humiliating, disgusting and degrading experience of my life. I felt totally violated and broken when I left you after my session. After my previous session with you I was instantly nervous as soon as you made me start licking your boots, and when you taunted me by saying 'don't lick the heels, you know where those are going' I had flashbacks to the last time I was in this position with you and the bruised throat I received after you'd rammed your very high heels down my throat. Suffice to say my throat was again bruised after seeing you. All the while you were so kind in lubricating my mouth with your delightful spit so that my tongue glided smoothly over your patent boots, very kind indeed. So all in all this wasn't too bad, little did I know that my mouth was about to be totally destroyed. Out came the strap on dildo, and I began to realise that having asked for a totally humiliating session I was going to receive it. Again you showed kindness by letting me get used to this object being in my mouth, but taunting me all the time, I knew that you were going to make me deep throat it no matter what. And sure enough in it all went, with me gagging and spluttering as you held it in there for 10 seconds. If I recall tears were streaming down my face. As you had threatened to rape my ass with it if I hadn't done a good job I was very worried that my anal virginity was goingto be taken from me as you were clearly in a very sadistic mood. Thankfully my ass survived to face that horror in the future, although I did truly think you were going to rape me.

As soon as I was bound to your bed and you produced that box of horrible dark chocolates I knew I was about to regret asking for you to force feed me your chewed up food, having you spit chocolate into my eyes was horrible and made me feel worthless. But the most horiffic experience was the toilet box. It was very cruel of you to encourage me into it saying that you'd only show me what it was like to be trapped, having you look down at me through the seat was very humbling. Unfortunately for me once I saw the funnel you had it was too late to back out and I realised how stupid I'd been letting you trap me. And down it came as you pissed all over my face, in my eyes, in my mouth, some went up my nose and my head lay there in piss after you shut the lid. Leaving me there for a few minutes made what had just happened even worse.

I felt horrible for days afterwards, but the important thing is that you really seemed to enjoy it so at least I have that to hold on to.

So thanks again, your far exceeded my expectations, my only fear is that I'll need you to push me even further next time, maybe employing some torture techniques.

Humble regards, ian

May 2008 -

Morgan, hello
Just a quick note to say how every second of our meeting on Wednesday afternoon was fun, fun ,fun.
An hour with you is proof that there is a heaven after all!
Thank you, Jonathan xxx

hi morgan,
really enjoyed being tied and trampled the other week! combined with face sitting whilst tied, it was truly erotic!! would love an hour of domination with trampling and face sitting whilst tied again soon!
best wishes, will

Dear Mistress Morgan, thank you for such an awesome session yesterday! I will be back very soon for more of the same, and will try to hold off on my 'safe word' longer next time!! The toilet box experience was most humiliating and it gave me such a buzz to submit in this way, especially as I could tell you were enjoying every minute of it!
Your very humble slave, steve

Hi Morgan
Just a quick note to thank you for a great session yesterday. I look forward to seeing you again soon.
Love, David

March 2008 -

Hi Morgan... Just a quick word to thank You for the session this evening... that was good, really good.... just thinking about it I could do with a round 2!!!!!... I will def be back.... not as often as I would like ... funds!!!! but I will try and do my best ...
Not what I expected... even better.
Hope you had a pleasant weekend (BY the time you read this) not too knackered with all the travelling.
Yours Bob xxxx

Jan 2008 -

Hi Morgan,
I just wanted to drop you an email thanking you for a fantastic session the other day.
It was a real honour to suffer for you as it was very obvious that you loved every second of our time together.
It was amazing having you laugh at my discomfort throughout, and the eye contact you constantly made was very humbling. ANd when you brought tears to my eyes so early on into the session whilst ramming your heel down my throat I knew it was going to be a session to remember.
I loved the spitting. it made me feel totally humbled, even more so than the humbler! I look forward to having you spit on me again, and I'd love it to be much more extreme and humiliating, maybe you could chew some food up and spit it into my mouth? Who knows, but I'm sure you could come up with some ideas.

Hi, Morgan
Just a line to thank you again for giving me so much pleasure yesterday afternoon.
I look forward to seeing you again before long - in about a month's time, I hope.
With best wishes for the New Year.
Robert x x

Firstly thanks for such an enjoyable wrestling session today. The pains in my back and neck are just beginning to surface and I should be fully in pain by tomorrow morning !
I certainly will be interested in another match with you at some stage when I'm next passing through.
Take care, regards,

Hi Morgan,
Just to let you know that I managed to hobble home yesterday - just about!.
Today, I still ache where I didn't realise I could ache & it still hurts to
walk. Still I had throughly great time yesterday - thank you.


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